Tribe / Biggie Remixes DJ XS & Casual Connection [Free Download]

So it’s looking like a Hip Hop Wednesday here of the CIF Blog! During a Sound cloud lurk I spotted these two bangers an thought I’d share with you…

I’m a massive Tribe fan and Biggie…Don’t get me started. Any way, usually my eyes roll when I see another Refix attempted with the same old acapellas. Every now and again I’m pleasantly surprised.

This time by two of the names I frequently go to for remixes or spiced up re-fixes.

First up to bat is ATCQ - 1nce Again (Dj XS Sugar Coated Rework) DJ XS always smashes a remix. Either fixing up timeless classics for DJ sets or funking up tracks by remixing with his steez. This one is the latter and a great take on one of my all time favourite tracks, so trust it’s a good job or I wouldn’t endorse it. R.I.P Phife!


Next up we’ve got “Down With BIG Poppa” (Casual Connection Rework). If like me, you are a DJ and grew up playing Hip Hop and R&B you will have 20 + of casual’s tracks in your Serato crates. This guy has a knack of keeping the flavour of an original while injecting some well needed sparkle to help them sit with the more modern desires of the dance floor. This joint is no exception. Cop it below and as always, don’t forget to say thanks and show the artists some love! RIP BIG!

Leo Rhodes