Cockney Nutjob & Kurnel MC - Dancin' [Free Download]

We all love a good musical partnership. Especially ones that have a warm fuzzy story behind it. Well, this duo are no exception. People would ask: “How did you guys meet?” “Erm…Well. We met drunk at a club.” This was the answer that Kurnel would give over the years, until now! They have decided to fess up up through the medium of music.

The story started when both artists met at Wimborne Reggae Dance Academy. For months they had been sharing aggressive gazes across the village hall. Both confident their skanking was superior to the others. Until they were forced to pair up to perfect “Pon the River, Pon the Bank.” During 1/2 time they shared a can of Ting and realised they both had similar musical interests. From then on, their musical partnership was sealed.

Fast forward several years and they have embarked on their first official release. Following several years of festival appearances and gaining a solid following on social media this is their special gift to their fans and a preparation for the EP that will follow next year released right here on Cuttin’ It Fine. We hope you enjoy it! There’s lots more to come!

Leo Rhodes