DJ Hiphoppapotamus - Tropical Wiseguy Vol.3

Every now and again you need a little sun shine in your life! What better than a wonderful bearded, ginger bag of cuddles and smiles called Tristan. You may know him as DJ Hiphoppapotamus. I remember being at Riddim Fruit HQ years ago and my good friend Ben saying check this EP out. It’s from this guy DJ Hiphoppapotamus. Needless to say I was blown away! I demanded the EP before promo and have been spinning it ever since. I have then gone on to hang with this guy at numerous festivals, fill my sets with his tunes and have been blessed to have him remix some of my music. His progression and skill have been just as consistent as his outlandish outfits and beard growth. The EP I heard that day at Riddim Fruit HQ was Tropical Wiseguy Vol.1. Today I am urging you to support and enjoy the 3rd instalment. Well done mate and long may your musical sunshine and rad personality glow on us all.

Leo Rhodes