That's Not An Edit Vol.8

Crikey, Volume 8 of Not an Edit is here at last, with over 20 sizzling edits coming in hot, done just right. 
Featuring a huge cast of some of Australia's best re-editors, remixers and dj's, with road-tested tracks galore for your listening and partying pleasure. 
Featuring Dj Soup, Henri Le Blanc, The dL, Frankee More, Rowan P, San Frandisko, D-Funk, Caratgold, Dastardly Kuts, Meem, Downunder Disco, The Party Kid, SLMDNK, Teng, Timber, Nick Forrest, Treble N Bass, Groovescooter, Mr Leigh, Jerry Swinefield, Pecoe, Jr Dynamite and Hober Mallow. 
Free download via soundcloud.

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