Liberty Chaps - Fleetwood Chap [Free Download]

Little is known about the infamous Liberty Chaps. Legend has it they are knee deep in an underground chocolate syndicate in Halifax. They run things in this area and can be seen at night with Yorkie smeared around their mouths slipping between underground casinos and strip clubs. When they're not lurking around the street corners pedalling Rolo's and breaking knee caps for outstanding Quality Street debts, these crafty fellas continue to pop up on my Soundcloud feed and one thing is consistent.  They make gargantuan bangers! Like really f***ing, spot on, neck snapping, squelchy party starters. They are giving this delicious take on a Fleetwood Mac hip shaker away for free. It's a premature gift for when they hit 1000 followers on Soundcloud. We reckon you can add another 0 on that figure in a year so scoop this freebie quick before they start charging. Blessings to you chaps, thank you for the music.

Leo Rhodes