CFS - Ms Got The Body (Beat Le Juice Remix) [2K FOLLOWERS FREE DOWNLOAD]

Every now and again, a new artist comes along that makes ripples in the scene. They sound like they've been grafting down the local coal mines of production since they were a sprite. Learnt it the hard way, tossed their pastry crusts for the tin knockers and found good fortune when they reached the top of the mine! Cue Beat Le Juice new banger!

This fine gent came on to my radar when sir Spinforth sent me his EP for the Podcast. I played every track on the EP that episode. He's since impressed me with various freebies and a remix for one of my Ep's. If you're familiar with this guy, you'll download it before listening to it. However, be sure to listen to it. It bangs hard! He's celebrating breaking the 2K barrier and as I said in a previous post about Liberty Chaps, like them, I can see him reaching 10 X this goal in no time! Please follow via the links below so we can get more freebies from his 3K follower celbrations. Plus look out for a Beat Le Juice remix on the Roast Beatz & Kurnel MC Reach out EP dropping very soon!

Beat Le Juice
SoundCloud: @beatlejuicemusic

Leo Rhodes