MJ - I Wanna Be Where You Are (X-Ray Tedit) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

It would appear X Ray ted wants to be where I am? What's that Dre? You'd like to be tidying the house? Washing dishes? Scraping an infants mud slides from the toilet bowl?

Well we can do a trade? When is it you're off to Canada Dj'ing next? Galavanting around with that funky chicken-soup-machine repairman? DJ-ing at played out arenas? Tell me where to sign and we can cut a deal!

What's that? Oh.. Looks like I got the wrong end of the stick again! It makes for a good read any way. There's no doubt young Andre has been a busy boy lately, so kick back, jump up, or get back to cleaning to this superb slice of nostalgia, repaired and re-rubbed for the dance floor. 

Leo Rhodes