Cuttin' If Fine 01 Podcast


Ok people, (Drum roll…..) Here it is! (Chuck D voice) The first ever Cuttin’ It Fine Podcast! 

I can sense your concerns, has Roast and Ghetto Funk had a punch up? Who won? Fortunately not! We are still very much family. I have just decided to fulfill a long term goal and start my own Record/Clothing Label/Movement.  Let me answer some questions you may have:

So where does that leave the Ghetto Funk Podcast? If you are already subscribed to the existing iTunes RSS feed you will be receive 3 podcasts for the price of one! In time we will be changing the name and logo of the existing one and you will receive different episodes as and when we complete them. 

So don’t go any where! You’ll get the same format and style podcast as the Ghetto Funk one, just under a different name…”The Cuttin’ It Fine Podcast” Still hosted by me, still bringing you the latest and exclusive bangers in the scene! 

Then in addition to that you’ll be getting “The Shop Sessions” from Rebellious Creative alongside live mixes from the Ghetto Funk record shop in Bath!

Sound good? It is and will be! So don’t go anywhere, don’t freak out if you see logo’s and names changing. It’s a positive movement and you’re going to have way more audio fodder to check! In the mean time enjoy this episode of the Cuttin’ It Fine Podcast. Rammed full of newness and exclusives. If your here for the full track listing please see below....

Cuttin’ It Fine Podcast 01

Chaos (K + Lab Remix) feat. Ken Boothe, Akil from J5 & Blurum13

Roast Beatz - Let it Go feat MysDiggi and Ella Mae Sueref (Hiphoppapotamus Dub)

The Next Men vs Gentlemens Dub Club - See You Next Tuesday ft. Kiko Bun

Shaka Loves You - Bills, bills, bills

Sola Rosa - Back To You feat. Noah Slee (Flytones remix)

Children Of Zeus - All Night

Siren - Bluntskull remix (Forthcoming)

Turntill & Merlin feat. Crosby, Burni Aman & Doujah Raze - All i wanna give you

The Niceguys - Under Control feat. Greg Blackman

Roast Beatz - Get It Poppin (Philly Remix)

Bee Gees - Staying Alive (Call me Classic Rework)

Roast Beatz - Walk That Thang (Fundamentals / Run DMC scratch mash)

Featurecast - Cold Fresh Air

Ed Solo & Darrison - Break You Down

Breakbeat Junkie vs DJP - Step Up

Mr Stabalina - Put Ya Hands Up feat. Summer Bright

Ali B & Afrika Baby Bam - Music saves Me (Dubra & Arteo Remix)


Jayl Funk. -  Get On Down

Qdup - Sonic Drop ft. Awoke (Fort Knox Five Remix)

Liberty Chaps - Hype Up

Roast Beatz - Let it Go feat MysDiggi and Ella Mae Sueref

DJ Dubra - Twerk Boogie

Jimi Needles - Biggie Banger 2018

Second Hand Audio - Married to the Music (feat. Natty Speaks) (Mr Stabalina Remix)

Roast Beatz featuring Kurnel MC - Reach Out


Dj Shadow - Organ Donor Leygo remix

Featurecast - Everybody Looked The Same

Peco - I Like Funky Music

Roast Beatz - Taking It Back


Roast Beatz - Let it Go feat MysDiggi and Ella Mae Sueref (TWOGOOD remix)

Dutty Moonshine - Gangsters (Featurecast Remix)

Plump DJ’s - Lets Bounce

Rum N Riddim - I Got You - Shaggy ft. Jovi Rockwell (Benny Page Remix)

Featurecast - Lose Your Mind

Jimi Needles - Hands In The Air

Pigeon Hole - Dodge Ball

Cypress Hill vs. Ludacris vs. Flo-Rida - How Low Cisco Kid (Wick-it Blend)

Illvis Freshly - Bombshells

Incredible Bongo Band - Apache 2018 (Wick-it Remix)

Leo Rhodes