Jimi Needles - Hit The Club [Free Download]

There are many hit’s one can receive in an all night drinking establishment. For instance one could be hit in the nose for looking at someones girlfriend? One can take a hit on a Lamber and Butler out side the bogs? You could get hit on by a young man with bigger boobs than you? It’s a wild crazy place!

Well no one knows this place better than our Jimi! He spends more time in clubs than a retired golfer sipping Merlot! He’s not getting on it though, he’s delivering Riddims to young ladies waving iPhones at him asking for Drake!

So if you can’t beat them join them. In this case he’s settled nicely with a drum and bass banger that’s been blowing up Festivals around the UK. Calling upon a timeless Lauren Hill vocal vocal sampled by Drizzy along side additional VOX, Reggae licks and Horns. What’s not too like? On the subject of likes make sure you like, share comment and thank the man for his hard work!

Leo Rhodes