JPOD - Dubs & Daydreams [Free Download]

Ever feel like you’re missing something in life? Left your keys in the door? Weed on your desk at work? Infant in the pit bull cage? We all have these sudden brain farts. I’ve had a hole in my life for a while. Unsure what it was, I have gone on many quests off self discovery. Ketamine gong baths, naked middle aged yoga retreats. Nothing has helped!

The whole time it’s been a lack of J-POD! The wound has been clad, layered, filled and plastered with the welcome arrival of a mixtape rammed full of… you guessed it…JPOD Bangers.

Kick back, heal your wounds, burn your mindfulness CD’s, kiss good bye to the next hour of your life and let it be filled with the shining light that is …JPOD!

Leo Rhodes