Gramophone Soul - Unwind Yourself [OUT NOW!!!]

No one is more familiar with unwinding one’s self as our Irish, Edinburgh based golden child! He has been crowned Scotland's top party man for as long as he’s been a resident.

When he’s not dipping his toe in debauchery he runs retreats for uptight people who have lost their way in life. Basically, lacking the funk. It’s here they are forced to drink Gramophone Soul's special moonshine. We can only tell you four of the ingredients: Buckfast, Funk, Cider Vinegar and Soul!

The whole event is similar to a fight club for folk who have experienced too much stress in life. Wearing suits, watching reality tv and listening to chart music. Although Gramophone Soul is the only one landing the hits with this release!

Once they have gargled his special sauce, they are stripped of their possessions, clothing and given a Walkman with this EP on repeat. It is then they will experience the four stages of Funk while under the influence of his hypnotic tonic. The end goal, being immersed in Gramophone Soul’s head nodding clutch, resulting in their spirit being cleansed.

First up is the Physical test of “The Get Up”. Still dazed from the drink they are challenged to dance to the Get Up for 8 hours straight. The grog makes time go quicker, but the slamming funk of the guitar loops, blended with the up-tempo vibes of this belter makes it impossible to stop shuffling. 8 hours seems like 8 minutes and with the subject screaming to continue grooving, the first physical stage has passed.

Next is the mental test. Still dripping with sweat, the vibes of “Can You Dig It” are cranked in the head phones. The sound is consistent with the previous heavy guitar licks and dope drums of “The Get Up”. This time they are only allowed to listen to the track once. Then stripped of the music. Letting this banger go is the first challenge. Many can’t live without it. Those who pass, move on to the next step…. Not to hum the infectious grooves or sing “Badda badda badda badda badda badda swing!”. This has proven near impossible for all who have tried.

If they are still hanging in there, they are half way to regaining their balance with the funk! Next up “Unwind Yourself” trickles down the ear canal. This is the Spiritual test. The classic horn sample, funky drums, vocals and grunts are similar to meeting an old friend and seeing them in a new light! The sub bass warms your soul, helps you reflect on past mistakes and look at life in a funkier way!

Now they are on the home stretch. They are beginning to come around from the sauce that was funnelled into their gullet. The soulful vibes of “Dope Shit” Bring them back to state of being comfortable, healthy and happy. More than that, they are now one with the funk. They are instantly seeing rays of sunshine beaming down, walking along with this banger in their ears, it’s as if they have a pocket full of cash, new kicks and a soulful pep in their step.

The subject has now been cleansed! Cuttin' It Fine and Gramophone Soul have jump started them to a new fresher state. Use this EP wisely, never attempt to re-crate Gramophone Soul’s hypnotic tonic and don’t forget to follow Cuttin' It Fine and Gramophone Soul below to make sure you never lose your way with the funk!

Leo Rhodes