CIF 05 Podcast March 2019 Cockney Nutjob & Kurnel MC Guest Mix

What’s crackalackin homies and homettes? It's official, we're stacked here at Cuttin' It Fine but couldn't pass up an opportunity to play you some of the stuff we've got lined up. To save our bacon, Cockney Nutjob and Kurnel MC have stepped in to drop a 30 minute guest mix to promote their Unity EP coming very soon on CIF. So kick back, check out all the exclusives we've got from us, Scour Records, Bomb strikes and many more.

Track listing as promised below:

1) The Allergies - Entitled to That (Roots Mix)

2) Little Simz - 101FM

3) Broken Poetz feat. Glad2mecha - Memory Lanez (Roast Beatz Remix) [Instrumental]

Coming Soon via Cuttin’ It Fine

4) Nina’s Dance - Katakana Edits Vol 77

5) TRDMRK - Hands Up

6) Pitch 92 feat. King Kashmere, Vertb T & Mysdiggi

7) Kibosh - Hey Pocky Way

Coming Soon via Scour Records

8) Frankee More feat. Phoniex Da Icefire & E.C - Plus One

Coming Soon via Cuttin’ It Fine

9) Stickybuds - Do Your Thing

10) Too Many T’s - Start The Fire (WBBL Remix)

11) Beat Le Juice - Day After Day

Coming Soon via Scour Records

12) De La Soul - What's More (Rhythm Scholar One Of These Eyes Remix)



13) Vancara & Bright Idea - Curry Sauce

Coming Soon via Scour Records

14) Shaka Loves You - Livin’ For Tonight (feat NattySpeaks & PRofit VIP Dub Club)

15) Dave Mathmos - Funk Soldiers

16) A Skillz - Track Pant Thing

17) The Allergies - When The Heat Comes Down (feat. ASM) (Remix)

18) WBBL - Kickedit

19) Liberty Chaps - Fun Addict

Coming Soon via Scour Records

20) Broken Poetz feat.Glad2Mecha - Memory lanez

Coming Soon via Cuttin’ It Fine

100% Cockney guest mix feat. Kurnel MC

Leo Rhodes