Mixtape Monday (July 16th 2019) - Moswork vs. Clockchops - Clash of the Titans

Next up for Mix-tape Monday! Ahem Tuesday!

One of our oldest homies Clockwork comes through with a mega mix alongside Moswork. This bad boy is a history lesson, turntable lesson and a solid hour of dope cuts, classic hip hop and breaks.

Crazily none of it took place in the same room. They sent each other stuff down the worldwide pipe and eventually cobbled this blinding mix together.

We take our hats off to this mix. It may not be brand new, but the whole idea of Mix-tape Monday is to celebrate tight mixes from dope DJ’s that may have slipped under the average Joe’s (Pun intended) radar.

Enjoy, but don’t forget to follow and thank the people who took a long time to bring you this masterpiece!

Leo Rhodes