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Pecoe - Funk Nuggets EP [26/10/18]

Pecoe - CIF_02_Funk_Nuggets_Cover.jpg

We feel its time drop a slab of serious Funk on the people. Not any kind of Funk. Funk Nuggets. These nuggets have nothing to do with a basketball team, a popular sugary cereal, or an unlucky parcel in one’s pants. These are delicious, spanking, hot nuggets sieved from river head nod deep in the forest of Funk, situated in Perth Australia….

Legend has it a man named “Pecoe” works tirelessly funk prospecting for new and improved edits of classic grooves. He carefully re-rubs funk particles to create current party smashers. At the end of each day he carries these majestic gems on his back, head’s home, uploads them to Ableton where he creates what one can only describe as “Dance floor magic.”

We encountered Pecoe on one of our many expeditions to the deep forest of Funk whilst gathering content for our blog. There we witnessed a glow as he showered in a water fall of Soul, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues. Once fully clothed he welcomed us into his home where we began our journey listening to his never-ending library of bangers.
Following a solid presence on our blog we are proud to unleash what we hope will be one of many EP’s from this mystical chap. His work rate, digging knowledge and ear for dope breaks is second to none. Join us below as we follow Pecoe with his Hammer and hand lens on a day’s funk prospecting.

First he shines off his party pan and washes free the particles to form the Title track “Funk Nuggets“ the more electric feeling vibe on the EP which is reminiscent of an 80’s groove spiced up with current elements. The next deposit “Taste Of Soul” is lodged deeper in classic vibes and required Pecoe’s funk drill. A solid party riddim with James Brown samples, horns and drums guaranteed to fill a dance floor. Whilst deep near the earth’s core he burrows beneath some soul soil to uncover “Get in The Groove” Another vintage sounding head nodder with extreme party potential. Last but certainly not least, Pecoe clambers out of the dutty hole of goodness to scoop the final Nugget into his satchel “Everybody Get Down” this is the perfect way to finish this consistent medley of aggressive grooves sourced from a funky day’s prospecting.

With that, grab your floppy brown hat, claw hammer and funk pan. Dust of your shell toe’s Papa Pecoe has sourced some extreme Funk Nuggets!


South Coast Rulers Out Now!! Featuring B-Side, Cockney Nutjob, El Bomba & Roast Beatz [31 August 2018]


South side of the UK…. A segment known for warmer yet baltic climates. Where inhabitants lack social skills their Northern Neighbours are blessed with. During the summer months, seagulls reign with an iron claw. Surrendering locals into a post apocalyptic atmosphere reminiscent to Mad Max. Just less motorbike gangs and more chips.

For the first of our bootleg series we have recruited the Souths cream of the crop (Not from the many Friesian cattle littering the country). They’re not bronzed surf hero’s, hell no! The only tan they’ve got is a creamy coat of pale from their computer screens, applied whilst awkwardly fidgeting into the early hours to bring you this Devine buffet of festival bullets!

B-Side, El Bomba, Cockney Nutjob (Honorary Southerner) & label boss Roast Beatz. Each inject some much needed swagger into this 4 track EP to show you how they handle wrecking the party Southside! Read on for a more visual representation….

Cockney Nutjob hits the ground running with a Reggae themed stomper “Roar” which will entice a medley of speed flossing and slut drops pon de dance floor. Hot on his heels El Bomba steams through half naked (bottom half) to take the vibes up a notch with “Start Moving Some”. Once he’s finished pleasuring the people Roast and B-side are beckoned from a cloud of smoke that would give Wiz Khalifa a semi with their re-flip of “Un-fadeable.” Not satisfied with the destruction of the dance floor Uncle Roasty peels of his shirt to reveal an egg stained wife beater to finish the massacre with an infectious funk/house mash-up “Taking it back” which is sure to become a staple for your sets.

So, if you fancy adding some butchery to a blowout, please have a listen to the following music and give a tip of the hat the Souths finest party starters! We offer you our latest instalment… “South Coast Rulers”.


Let It Go featuring MysDiggi and Ella Mae Remixes by TWOGOOD, BadBoe and Hiphoppapotamus [22 June 2018]

Let It Go is officially the feel good anthem for the most anticipated sunny season of the year.

Gather round as we add the ingredients for an intoxicating summer punch to entice a packed dance floor, infectious head nodding and big smiles to match the vibes!

We’ll pop the cork off a UK hip hop veteran, squeeze the juice of up and coming vocalist, shake up some dusty reggae breaks, top it up with tight scratches and rub the rim of the glass with a bass line warmer than the West Indies!

Following on from Roast and MysDiggi’s number 1 single Pour Me, it was a no brainer for them to collaborate again on Mr Beatz new album. Keeping with the feel good, uptempo vibes where they left off, they have recruited the talented vocals of Ella Mae Sueref to create a track that will pick you up when your feeling down, entice you to move your feet and beam whether you’re at a festival or in your back garden.

Remixes have come courtesy of TwoGood, BadBoe and Hipphopapotamus. Each sprinkle their vibe and flavour on this already scorching track. Taking the tempo and sample to different places which will satisfy any mood or dance floor.

Let it go_final.jpg