Cuttin' It Fine Podcast in collaboration with The House Of Funk...

Cuttin' It Fine Podcast

Hosted and mixed by DJ Roast Beatz featuring guests.

Roast Beatz has a long history in radio and now as a podcast host. Cutting his teeth on London's infamous pirate radio station Itch FM he went onto HHB online radio. After taking a break for a few years he willingly took on the task of creating the Ghetto Funk podcast. 12 episodes and 20,000 subscribers later things are changing. Cuttin' It Fine, Ghetto Funk and Rebellious Creative have decided to combine powers offering listeners a music podcast following the same format as the Ghetto Funk podcasts, just under the episode guise of the Cuttin' It Fine Podcast. Then Rebellious Collective will be bringing you interview episodes called Shop Sessions featuring a range of different artists getting grilled by Will Streetwise. Then The new Ghetto Funk record shop in Bath will record live mixes and post them as episodes. So technically you, our faithful subscribers are now getting 3 podcasts for the price of one! Sit back and enjoy, the change is imminent. You don't have to do anything, just keep subscribed and wait for us to show up in your iTunes library. 

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