Roast Beatz Riddim Round-up a Spotify playlist

Roast Beatz 2019 Logo.jpg

Welcome to the Roast Beatz Riddim Round-up Spotify playlist! Here you will find all the music Roast has played on the Ghetto Funk Podcast and now the Cuttin' It Fine Podcast. Please give the playlist a follow as he'll be updating it each time a Podcast is dropped.

The playlist features 230 songs which totals 15 hours and 17 minutes in total. This is three years worth of Funk, Hip Hop, Glitch Hop, Ghetto Funk, House and Drum and bass.

Some music couldn’t be featured as it’s white label or mash-ups that have never been released but he’s done a pretty good job making sure the majority of the content is here and ready for your streaming pleasure!

Most important is you giving Roast a follow for the hard work that’s gone into this playlist. Plus, you can then enjoy new music as and when it’s uploaded. Podcasts aren’t everyones thing and while we can’t keep everyone happy, we’ll give it a damn good go.

So here it is a vast playlist of all things funky from the pioneers in the genre’s. We’d recommend sticking it on shuffle to get the full benefit of the medley of different style sand flavours! Enjoy people and props for your continuing support!