Cuttin’ It Fine releases

Roast Beatz .Feat Kurnel MC - Reach Out 20/06/2019

Roast Beatz Feat. Kurnel MC - Reach Out Artwork Final.jpg

Dusk is starting to seep through. It’s a sultry Monday afternoon in a modest Cul De Sac. Behind a semi-detached bungalow there’s a low frequency of electronic drums pounding. They are frequently accompanied by sporadic screams, laughter and occasional glass smashing.

The noises are coming from a shed in a woman’s garden. Upon opening the door you are greeted by two 30 something males. Both are dressed like Kevin and Perry and look as if they are stuck in a time warp from the 90’s. They are both drinking heavily, and the table is littered with an array of paraphernalia from the weekend’s festivities.

The males in question are Roast Beatz and Kurnel MC. Both claiming how one day they will successfully make music and be booked to play festivals over the world. A likely story!! Kurnel realises he’s been up all weekend and the party should’ve stopped on Sunday morning. He creeps to the sofa for some shut eye and begins to dream about what it would be like to fulfil his musical fantasies……

Cue funky guitar licks performed by the one and only Mr Stabalina, Drums that will get a festival tent nodding, uplifting horn samples, technical scratches from Uncle Roast and catchy vocals laid down by the main man Kurnel.

Is it a dream? Fortunately not!!

For Roast Beatz second single on Cuttin’ It Fine he’s assembled all the above to bring you the funkiest festival slammer of the Summer. Every DJ will need this in their crate and all-party people deserve it in their speakers to make life that little bit doper!

To accelerate the freshness Roast has called upon the following artists to remix it: Frankee More, Beat Le Juice & Crash party

Beat Le Juice brings a G Funk squelchy bass line to make your neck feel like the hydraulics on a low rider accompanied by tasty synths and a saxophone to make it complete!

Frankee More grabs all the elements and uses an audio snow storm to come up with an eclectic banger containing extreme bass and funk magic.

Crash party do what they do best, play chess with different stems on the track while sprinkling their secret sauce of various synths and bass lines resulting in another solid remix under their belts.

We really hope you enjoy this EP. We absolutely love it!

Broken Poetz - Memory Lanez 23/05/2019

Broken Poetz - Memory Lanez02.jpg

If you go down to the woods today….You’re sure to find.... The Broken Poetz? What are they up to? Looking for physcadelic fungi? Re-taking their Duke of Edinburgh? You’re not really dressed for it lads.

Oh well, they’ve bought some camping chairs and have managed to get a signal for a knackered TV. I guess they’re catching up on Bear Grills to get some tips on survival in the wilderness. Hold up.... Who’s this guy? It’s Glad2mecha. He’s popped along from Arizona to spit some bars about his relationship woes.

Fair enough fella’s. Get it off your chest. We’ll kick back, soak up the scenery and let you carry on….

What’s that noise? There’s rustling behind a tree? Is it a stoat? Perhaps a Pine Marten? No, It’s Gram Soul! What’s that smell? He’s just pitching a loaf behind that Silver Birch tree. Apparently he went on a bender last night and woke up in the woods. Oh well. While you’re here mate, you couldn’t knock us up a remix could you? Nice one.

While the Poetz and Glad2mecha are trading bars about their ex conquests there’s something in the bushes? Oh brilliant, Roast Beatz has crashed the party. He’s trying to poach pheasants so his family can eat. Bloody skinflint. What’s this? He’s trying to poach some of the lime light as well. Go on then. Give us a remix.

Well, that’s what goes down during a Cuttin’ It Fine camping trip. One soulful banger with heartfelt lyrics and a guest MC. 2 remixes touching on different styles and tempos. Then two instrumentals for the minimalists.

A dope debut release from Broken Poets on Cuttin’ It Fine!

Frankee More - Yeah 02/05/2019

Frankee More - Yeah EP Final Artwork.jpg

You have received an invitation, to a soiree at Frankee’s Pad. You approach a modest residence. It’s a quiet neighborhood. You ring the doorbell and the tranquil environment you are currently stood in changes drastically….

As you walk through Frankee’s door your blinded by Neon Flashing lights, mirrored floors and no end of seductively clad females. Frankee creeps through the fog machine nodding furiously and keeping low to the ground. His pimp cup firmly grasped in his left hand, frothing over with Victoria Bitter shivering from bass tremors exiting from his speaker wall. He’s even trained a Kookaburra to do Lil Jon impersonations!

Now we’ve set the scene, let’s delve into the delicious web of intrigue that is:

Frankee More Yeah!

Plus One (Feat. Phoenix Da Ice Fire & E.C)

We kick off the proceedings with a tasty sax sample where you could be forgiven for thinking you were tuned into Jazz FM…These thoughts are soon crushed when Frankee’s signature bass licks come crashing through accompanied by Phoenix’s word play. Following up on hook duties is the man with more honey in his voice than a bee hive E.C. Who sprinkles sweet melodies to ensure under garments are thrown with precise aggression as Frankee cranks up the pace with more neck snapping synths.

Down Funk

The intro crackles make you think the speakers have blown, but never fear! There are serious vibes afoot! Frankee has cooked up another dope slice of bass driven madness. Bringing the tempo down, while cranking up the synths to deliver an instrumental banger that could accompany an end of level boss as well as a packed dance floor!  

Who Got Da Funk

Things are getting out of hand! Frankee’s Bandicoot has picked up a guitar and the Kookaburra has moved onto to DJ Kool impersonations! All good, our Ozzie golden boy is on hand to press record! On this one, Frankee delivers a fresh mid-tempo track that’s already gift wrapped ready for the clubs. Keeping his signature bass stabs present he delves into some more classic sounding bass and guitar licks to keep the heads nodding.

 Aw Yeah

Now it’s time for the last dance! Frankee tricks you into a slower pace before melting your face! Some serious neck snapping synths boomerang in and out of saxophones and other delightful elements. Just as you think the tracks reached its peak, you're served another bass switch up that will guarantee tinnitus for lent!

Cockney Nutjob & Kurnel MC - Unity 28/03/2019

Kurnel MC & Cockney NutJob - Unity (Final Artwork).jpg

Unity, what does it mean to Cockney Nutjob and Kurnel MC? Unit E was the ward Kurnel MC was put in after he broke his elbow raving. Unity is the undivided togetherness Cockney Nutjob feels while caressing a cheese burger at a festival.

Either way, we can agree it means coming together as one. Which is what’s happened on this historic slab of good times for your ear holes.

Cockney Nutjob and Kurnel MC have been working together for a good portion of their musical journey. Both dip in and out of personal projects, but one things for sure. If you’re at a festival and you hear wobbly Reggae and an enthusiastic kiwi with honey in his voice? You’ve stumbled across the duo.

Here at Cuttin’ It Fine Records, we are proud to present a partnership with a passion for pulverizing a party. Unity is the ultimate deliverance of dope music and great up beat lyricism all wrapped up in one unique package!

Unity by Kurnel MC and Cockney NutJob.

Unity - The title joint and a true pace setter for the project. Picture yourself in a festival tent, five wines too many, hazy from the jazz fag some one recently passed to you. Jumping up and down high fiving homies to the militant reggae stomp accompanied by belly shaking bass while Kurnel keeps your hands in the air!

Drenched - we remain on the party vibe and the consistent reggae sampled, synth bass back drop. The boys ensure you have your togs on and are willing to let all your hairs hang out in the deep end while they provide entertainment and keep on the wrong side of the lifeguard.

Parents anthem - Right it’s out the pool and on the piss. Both the lads are family men and have escaped for the night. They have more than one thing in their sights. Grog, late night mystery meat from abra-kebabra and some questionable Dad dancing. Either way this slab of audio doner meat is a theme all parents can get down to!

Get it - Finishing the package on a high. Continuing the theme of reggae and wobbles that distinguishes these two gentlemen. Kurnel points out that even if it’s sleep for dinner and the electrics packed in. As long as you have good friends, good vibes and dope music the rest will fall into place.

Pecoe The Vibe Vessel 28/02/2019

Pecoe - Vibe Vessel Cover (Final).jpg

Well, it looks like that scurvy sea dog Pecoe is up to his old tricks again. This time he’s taken to the high seas with his pump action funk chucker. 
Leaving behind his beloved forest of funk, the man’s gone AWOL and he’s only hi-jacked a fishing Vessel fitted with speakers and a glitter ball on the bottom!

Currently he’s making his way through the Great Barrier Reef and grappling the helm in his Ninja Turtle board shorts. What’s his plan? Bringing new life to the once colourful corals with his signature big drummed, funk fuelled smashers! 
He’s been drinking Bacardi for 10 days straight. His cats have scuba gear on and are currently performing the Macarena to an unlikely crowd of Sea Gulls. What could possibly go wrong?

So, let’s get started replenishing the reefs with the power of The Vibe Vessel!

First up is “Kick it Fresh!” A delicious cut of uplifting funk, that slides unsuspectingly into synth growls and stabs that will bring smiles to thousands of species of fish. Currently pissed off at humans for ruining their once beautiful home hopefully this will cheer them up!

Now it’s time to move onto the Sting rays. Rumour has it they have a soft spot for classic funk and Quentin Tarantino flicks. As always Papa Pecoe has the remedy. Swooping in with “Jungle Hoodie” a solid portion of familiarity, coupled with different styles and energies to give the aquatic dance floors what they’re craving!

What’s this? There is life appearing? I thought he was cuckoo but Pecoe must be onto something! Let’s keep with the funk flavour and slam our foot on the accelerator as we slip into “That’s the Funk”. He Borrows Bootsy’s formula while adding several ingredients of his own, bringing a feel-good dance floor smasher to the masses of marine life!

These seas are certainly on the road to repair thanks to this treasure chest full of bangers! Last, but certainly not least Pecoe takes us by surprise with what can only be described as end of level boss music with “Open Up Your Mind” A 122 Bpm stomper that will leave sea cucumber crowds screaming for more in 2019!

Well that was quite a spectacle Pecoe, the boat is pumping, the Bacardi bottle is empty and the felines have sun stroke. Time to make a visit inland me thinks…. Until next time landlubbers, remember look after the ocean or Papa Pecoe will be after you!

Gramophone Soul Unwind Yourself 31/01/2019

No one is more familiar with unwinding one’s self as our Irish, Edinburgh based golden child! He has been crowned Scotland's top party man for as long as he’s been a resident.

When he’s not dipping his toe in debauchery he runs retreats for uptight people who have lost their way in life. Basically, lacking the funk. It’s here they are forced to drink Gramophone Soul's special moonshine. We can only tell you four of the ingredients: Buckfast, Funk, Cider Vinegar and Soul!

The whole event is similar to a fight club for folk who have experienced too much stress in life. Wearing suits, watching reality tv and listening to chart music. Although Gramophone Soul is the only one landing the hits with this release!

Once they have gargled his special sauce, they are stripped of their possessions, clothing and given a Walkman with this EP on repeat. It is then they will experience the four stages of Funk while under the influence of his hypnotic tonic. The end goal, being immersed in Gramophone Soul’s head nodding clutch, resulting in their spirit being cleansed.

First up is the Physical test of “The Get Up”. Still dazed from the drink they are challenged to dance to the Get Up for 8 hours straight. The grog makes time go quicker, but the slamming funk of the guitar loops, blended with the up-tempo vibes of this belter makes it impossible to stop shuffling. 8 hours seems like 8 minutes and with the subject screaming to continue grooving, the first physical stage has passed.

Next is the mental test. Still dripping with sweat, the vibes of “Can You Dig It” are cranked in the head phones. The sound is consistent with the previous heavy guitar licks and dope drums of “The Get Up”. This time they are only allowed to listen to the track once. Then stripped of the music. Letting this banger go is the first challenge. Many can’t live without it. Those who pass, move on to the next step…. Not to hum the infectious grooves or sing “Badda badda badda badda badda badda swing!”. This has proven near impossible for all who have tried.

If they are still hanging in there, they are half way to regaining their balance with the funk! Next up “Unwind Yourself” trickles down the ear canal. This is the Spiritual test. The classic horn sample, funky drums, vocals and grunts are similar to meeting an old friend and seeing them in a new light! The sub bass warms your soul, helps you reflect on past mistakes and look at life in a funkier way!

Now they are on the home stretch. They are beginning to come around from the sauce that was funnelled into their gullet. The soulful vibes of “Dope Shit” Bring them back to state of being comfortable, healthy and happy. More than that, they are now one with the funk. They are instantly seeing rays of sunshine beaming down, walking along with this banger in their ears, it’s as if they have a pocket full of cash, new kicks and a soulful pep in their step.

The subject has now been cleansed! Cuttin' It Fine and Gramophone Soul have jump started them to a new fresher state. Use this EP wisely, never attempt to re-crate Gramophone Soul’s hypnotic tonic and don’t forget to follow Cuttin' It Fine and Gramophone Soul below to make sure you never lose your way with the funk!

Various Artists - The Bless Up EP [19/12/2018]

The Bless Up EP Final Cover.jpg

Come one come all to the Cuttin’ It Fine Christmas party! Not one to be stingy this time of year, we welcome 2 new members to the team and deliver a sizzling EP full of Bass, Blends, Disco and Funk! But where are my manners? Let’s introduce the new members of our crew! 

First up to bat is our Irish, Edinburgh based bad man on the buttons. It’s Gramophone Soul! We welcome him to the team and have already heard drafts of his debut EP, which is nothing but exceptional. Well, don’t just stand there man! Just because your new doesn’t mean you can turn up empty handed. Pat him down Pecoe, what’s he got in his pockets? Ah, an edit of “Diana Ross - Coming out” Not just yet…Back in your cage and get to work on your EP. 

Next up… Hipsta managed to tempt this young man in with some sweaty Werther’s originals. We welcome Mr. Fitz to the fold! He will be joining the ranks and dropping a fist pumping four tracks with us. So far, he’s recruited Hypeman sage and many more. Expect a splice of Hip Hop, Drum and bass and general wobbly goodness from this young man. Now, what have you got? Ah, there’s a good chap. A nicely wrapped version of “Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl” with some Drum and Bass skank injected? Very good lad. Back in the crate and continue working on your release. 

What’s that? The rest of them are fidgeting with their offerings and possibly getting jealous of the new boy’s. Who’s next? Ahhh, the Funk lover himself. Sir Frankee More. He’s made a journey to rival the three kings from Sydney, just to deliver some bandicoot chutney and this edit of “Jungle Happy man!” Of course, injected with that unmistakable Frankee bass thump! Well done my lad. Have a chocolate coin and go back to the motherland. 

Who else do we have in here? It’s Hipsta! One of the original signings to CIF. It’s about time you started pulling your weight, what gifts do you have? Oh, I say! A “Beastie Boys - Body Movin” edit they’ll be no body moving after the CIF turkey and trimmings have been devoured. However, I thank you for this splendid funk fueled re-edit of a timeless classic. You’ve done it justice good sir, now go forth and get your fingers out of Frankees chutney!! 

Last but not least dressed in a delicious Egyptian tunic and aviators to match. It’s our very own funk prospector Pecoe. He was hiding in Frankee’s afro wig. Wonderful to see you, I hope you’re not empty handed? What a wonderful treat! A deliciously crafted edit of the soul queen “Etta James - Fire” It certainly is…I have a sneaky feeling this will be getting a lot of air play over the yule tide season and New year. Blessings brother Pecoe, we’ll see you next year for your second EP. 

Well that wraps it up! We hope you enjoy this medley of our producers’ secret weapons and edits. This is a gift from all of us at Cuttin’ It Fine to thank you for your support. We’ve only been here for 5 months yet have had such great support and feedback from you all. Merry Christmas and see you in the new year for back to back releases! 

Pecoe - Funk Nuggets EP [26/10/18]

Pecoe - CIF_02_Funk_Nuggets_Cover.jpg

We feel its time drop a slab of serious Funk on the people. Not any kind of Funk. Funk Nuggets. These nuggets have nothing to do with a basketball team, a popular sugary cereal, or an unlucky parcel in one’s pants. These are delicious, spanking, hot nuggets sieved from river head nod deep in the forest of Funk, situated in Perth Australia….

Legend has it a man named “Pecoe” works tirelessly funk prospecting for new and improved edits of classic grooves. He carefully re-rubs funk particles to create current party smashers. At the end of each day he carries these majestic gems on his back, head’s home, uploads them to Ableton where he creates what one can only describe as “Dance floor magic.”

We encountered Pecoe on one of our many expeditions to the deep forest of Funk whilst gathering content for our blog. There we witnessed a glow as he showered in a water fall of Soul, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues. Once fully clothed he welcomed us into his home where we began our journey listening to his never-ending library of bangers.
Following a solid presence on our blog we are proud to unleash what we hope will be one of many EP’s from this mystical chap. His work rate, digging knowledge and ear for dope breaks is second to none. Join us below as we follow Pecoe with his Hammer and hand lens on a day’s funk prospecting.

First he shines off his party pan and washes free the particles to form the Title track “Funk Nuggets“ the more electric feeling vibe on the EP which is reminiscent of an 80’s groove spiced up with current elements. The next deposit “Taste Of Soul” is lodged deeper in classic vibes and required Pecoe’s funk drill. A solid party riddim with James Brown samples, horns and drums guaranteed to fill a dance floor. Whilst deep near the earth’s core he burrows beneath some soul soil to uncover “Get in The Groove” Another vintage sounding head nodder with extreme party potential. Last but certainly not least, Pecoe clambers out of the dutty hole of goodness to scoop the final Nugget into his satchel “Everybody Get Down” this is the perfect way to finish this consistent medley of aggressive grooves sourced from a funky day’s prospecting.

With that, grab your floppy brown hat, claw hammer and funk pan. Dust of your shell toe’s Papa Pecoe has sourced some extreme Funk Nuggets!


South Coast Rulers Out Now!! Featuring B-Side, Cockney Nutjob, El Bomba & Roast Beatz [31 August 2018]


South side of the UK…. A segment known for warmer yet baltic climates. Where inhabitants lack social skills their Northern Neighbours are blessed with. During the summer months, seagulls reign with an iron claw. Surrendering locals into a post apocalyptic atmosphere reminiscent to Mad Max. Just less motorbike gangs and more chips.

For the first of our bootleg series we have recruited the Souths cream of the crop (Not from the many Friesian cattle littering the country). They’re not bronzed surf hero’s, hell no! The only tan they’ve got is a creamy coat of pale from their computer screens, applied whilst awkwardly fidgeting into the early hours to bring you this Devine buffet of festival bullets!

B-Side, El Bomba, Cockney Nutjob (Honorary Southerner) & label boss Roast Beatz. Each inject some much needed swagger into this 4 track EP to show you how they handle wrecking the party Southside! Read on for a more visual representation….

Cockney Nutjob hits the ground running with a Reggae themed stomper “Roar” which will entice a medley of speed flossing and slut drops pon de dance floor. Hot on his heels El Bomba steams through half naked (bottom half) to take the vibes up a notch with “Start Moving Some”. Once he’s finished pleasuring the people Roast and B-side are beckoned from a cloud of smoke that would give Wiz Khalifa a semi with their re-flip of “Un-fadeable.” Not satisfied with the destruction of the dance floor Uncle Roasty peels of his shirt to reveal an egg stained wife beater to finish the massacre with an infectious funk/house mash-up “Taking it back” which is sure to become a staple for your sets.

So, if you fancy adding some butchery to a blowout, please have a listen to the following music and give a tip of the hat the Souths finest party starters! We offer you our latest instalment… “South Coast Rulers”.

Let It Go featuring MysDiggi and Ella Mae Remixes by TWOGOOD, BadBoe and Hiphoppapotamus [22 June 2018]

Let It Go is officially the feel good anthem for the most anticipated sunny season of the year.

Gather round as we add the ingredients for an intoxicating summer punch to entice a packed dance floor, infectious head nodding and big smiles to match the vibes!

We’ll pop the cork off a UK hip hop veteran, squeeze the juice of up and coming vocalist, shake up some dusty reggae breaks, top it up with tight scratches and rub the rim of the glass with a bass line warmer than the West Indies!

Following on from Roast and MysDiggi’s number 1 single Pour Me, it was a no brainer for them to collaborate again on Mr Beatz new album. Keeping with the feel good, uptempo vibes where they left off, they have recruited the talented vocals of Ella Mae Sueref to create a track that will pick you up when your feeling down, entice you to move your feet and beam whether you’re at a festival or in your back garden.

Remixes have come courtesy of TwoGood, BadBoe and Hipphopapotamus. Each sprinkle their vibe and flavour on this already scorching track. Taking the tempo and sample to different places which will satisfy any mood or dance floor.

Let it go_final.jpg