Frankee More (He just made up a name, there is no cool story behind it) and he like's funk. He searches for the funk around the world. Sometimes the funk isn't quite there, so he remixes it into funk. Other times he can't find the funk, so he makes the funk, original, tasty funk. He has released a medley of funk on labels such as Must Beat, That's Not An Edit, Breakbeat Paradise (BBP) and Bulabeat Records. When he's not busy sweating in his hometown Syndey producing the funk, he can be heard dj'ing the funk. Multiple genre funk, such as hip hop, disco, ghetto funk, glitch, house and breakbeat. His tunes have been found in the crates of some of the funkiest djs in the game: The Funk Hunters, A-Skillz, Featurecast and Defunk to name a few.

Cuttin It fine brings the funk, so he's chillin' with us.