What happens when you mix Buckfast with Guinness? Then sprinkle a portion of P funk? Add a few herrings and some sherbet dip?…

We’ll tell you! You get our very own Irish, Edinburgh based, DJ & Producer Gramophone Soul! 

Gramophone Soul is renowned for producing funky, soulful, old school rhythms to get the masses grooving and the arses moving. He spends evenings bathing in the light of Aretha Franklin and washing his worries away with Chuck D. Plugging away at music whilst sipping Old Commissioner Scotch, he’s managed to capture the heart and soul of these artists and genres in his style. 

Back in the day he spun records under his other alter ego, DJ Tweek. This alias was more focussed on House music and the never ending search to collaborate with Taz & Beefy. As Edinburgh is 400 miles from Watford he was forced to move his energy and talent to producing and remixing Soul, Funk & Old School Hip Hop. 

This resulted in a whopping library of absolute bangers. In turn he has gained support from some of the music industry's heavy weights. Taste makers such as Krafty Kuts & Craig Charles have been rinsing his riddims resulting in numerous tracks being pumped on the BBC airwaves.

His productions & remixes are a throwback to a golden era of music, infusing old school beats, funky bass lines and elements of sweet soul that could turn Chuck Norris into a pacifist. Concentrating more on music production over the past few years, he has started to DJ again and hopes to strangle an 18 year old soon for requesting Justin Bieber.