With energy to burn and a flow like no other, Kurnel MC can sure rock a show!

Our very own CIF Kiwi can often be seen rocking shows so aggressively in jandals and a jersey, he’s been known to damage ligaments through intensive fist pumping. Let’s face it, he’s had a lot of practice…

Aside from his abnormal dance moves he’s the proud owner of a dextrous singing voice and witty rapping. This often gives him the edge when it comes to woo-ing a crowd to create positive cohesion, atmosphere and spark! 

One of the few MC's who understands that "less is more”. Unless he’s in the passenger seat of your car after 10 pints. Then it’s quite the opposite.

Kurnel MC regularly performs uplifting live shows with DJ's Cockney Nutjob, Roast Beatz and B-Side for labels such as Breakbeat Paradise Recordings, Hot Cakes, GhettoFunk, Scour and now (for our sins) Cuttin' It Fine Records.

After moving to the UK in 2012, Kurnel MC realised he could turn on electrical appliances by passing wind. This gave him a head start making friends in the scene, which has enabled him to release 3 successful solo E.P's and a number of sought-after tracks and features with genre-crossing artists such as BreaksMafia, Lack Jemmon, Dj Chamber and Kathika MC.

2018 was his biggest year yet with a 10 + date summer festival circuit. Alongside releases with Second Hand Audio, Hipsta, B-Side, Captain Flatcap, Mr Stabalina and Roast Beatz. Now he’s settling back into egg chasing, drinking pints of Garlic mayonnaise and watching Ninja Turtles on Netflix. He may have time for a collaboration or two. Possibly a rave related injury…Watch this space.