Liberty Chaps… Libertate yer’ lugs from reality and let them take you on a creative sonic adventure.

Liberty Chaps are a family affair – A multi-genre production trio of 3 bass-faced lads from West Yorkshire. These fellas started in music production nearly 10 years ago, experimenting with different styles, under different aliases, and using nothing more than home stereo speakers and a PC with as much processing power as a calculator. Eventually after being inspired by the festivals they frequented and influenced by various artists, particularly in the Ghetto Funk scene, they refined their skills, invested in some decent gear, and formed as Liberty Chaps in 2016. You can hear fragments of these influences all synthesized into a unique, tangy colorful brew of concentrated funk fungi.

Known for their DJ-friendly, sample-heavy midtempo party starters, glitchy, wacky basslines, and wild drops that hit harder than Chris Brown.

In between visits to the windy moors of the north and collecting obscure samples from the depths of the internet, all their time is spent making sure their productions are as tight and funky as possible for you to enjoy. Once unleashed, their tunes linger around Juno download, Hypeddit, and Beatport charts like ripe farts in an airtight spacesuit.

 If you see them in a sunny field somewhere chain-smoking and practicing mouth yoga, grab an interpreter and go say hello (drop the ‘H’ though).