Mr.Fitz, a young and lively member of the newly formed Cuttin’ It Fine crew.

He first reared his smooth chops in the music scene around 2015. Around the same time he learnt to drink aggressively while picking fights in nude sauna’s in Finland. Once rejected by Mountain trolls for his threatening behaviour he had no option but to relocate to Boomtowns old Funkington manor.

Following a reverse rehab from the Boomtown local councillors He fled claiming to have an out of body experience with a Sasquatch. Unable to muster the air fare to North America, he thought he’d continue his search in the French Alps. After a few months of mountain air and sauna bans he focussed his talents on music production and Dj’ing.

Since then, he’s been spotted spinning records on his sausage fingers in caves, sometimes lurking in your Aunties kitchen snuffling for treats and mostly performing high energy gigs at your local Bristol Boozer. Usually naked from the waist down.

So what can you expect from this young brute? We’ll tell you… He’s known to serve a mashup of Funk and Hip-Hop while dipping his tip into others genres such as Jungle, Breaks, Ghetto Funk and Drum and Bass. With some turntablism, nudity and scratches he’s capable of anything from a laidback l’ambiance to a drug fuelled barn dance.

After submitting a wealth of neck snappers to Cuttin’ It Fine Records we snapped him up in a heart beat. With features on the Broken Poetz EP and his debut release on the bubble we’re exited and scared of what this young buck is capable of.