Roast Beatz…It’s in the name. Whether on the turntables, or on production it’s getting cooked!

Roast Beatz - A multi-genre DJ who concentrates on more than just beat matching and looking fancy. Bringing Bass lines, Turntablism, Hip-Hop, Drum & Bass, Funky Breaks and Mash-ups to crowds all over the globe,it’s a name that’s amplifying through the ranks!! With a DJ career spanning over 14 years, Roast Beatz has had considerable experience rocking crowds.From Dj'ing in clubs before he was old enough to be in them, Roast has perfected the art of rocking a crowd, while successfully seasoning his set with cuts, live remixes and doubles.Production credits including: Action Bronson, Jehst, Dizzy Dustin, Mystro aka Mysdiggi and many more has meant his craft as a producer has expanded over the years.His Psychoville collaboration with Dabbla has now reached over  3,000,000 views on youtube,  numerous number 1’s on Juno downloadand his 20,000 podcast subscribers means Roast is slowly becoming the go to man for a banger or a packed dance floor. Now taking the helm of Cuttin' It Fine expect a continuation of head  nodding breaks and beats combined with basslines, vocal collaborations from the UK and across the pond. Live events, brand new revamped podcast and merchandise on par with a clothing label to keep you looking fresh whilst nodding your head!